ӣƵ14 Landing Culture


ӣƵ was founded on the core values of caring, mutual trust, and respect. That’s why we promote open communication and conduct business equitably and ethically.

Association Industry Expertise

We diligently seek and hire high-caliber employees who support our core values. ӣƵ employees are eager to make a difference in the community and the world. These engaged employees share the goals and successes of our association clients, their members, and their missions. ӣƵ’s culture of continuous learning helps employees grow personally and professionally. We don’t just understand the best practices in association management—we help create them.

"We give people an opportunity to stretch and achieve professionally. We hire smart people and promote an atmosphere of growth and a heart for compassion," says Jeff Engle, who, with his brothers Mark and Scott, is part of the second generation to run the company.


ӣƵ’s culture encourages teamwork, which is seen at every level of the organization. Client teams share experiences and best practices, giving our associations guidance to make informed decisions. Team building also comes in the form of an ӣƵ softball team and fun employee-planned events, like scavenger hunts and cookie decorating. As valued members of the team, employees are kept up to date on ӣƵ’s overall success at biannual events that feature inspirational speakers. “As a team, we care about each other and set high goals for ourselves,” Jeff says.

Community Giving

Our values extend beyond our employees and clients. ӣƵ gives back through corporate commitments to show support for the community. Employees are encouraged to volunteer for the charity events that are meaningful to them, and they invite their coworkers to join them. "This creates an atmosphere of caring," Jeff says.


That care is evident in ӣƵ’s partnership with clients. “We take anything but a one-size-fits-all approach because we aim to grow clients through personalized service, strategic decision making, and passion on the part of the entire staff toward our clients’ unique missions,” Jeff says. Read about our clients many successes and what sets ӣƵ apart in the Inside ӣƵ booklet.

Future Focused

Today, we focus on developing new products, programs, and offerings to serve the market and field to position our association clients as the recognized experts in their fields. As vital resources and thought leaders, our associations can attract and retain members.

ӣƵ’s culture makes a difference that is far-reaching and enduring. “Our culture allows us to take risks for our clients and take the long-term view of achieving success,” Jeff said. “We're not just focused on this year; we're focused on the next 5.”