ӣƵ Shared management

Our Approach to Shared Management

Association Management Center is a smart choice for associations because of the many advantages of shared management.

A Distinct Identity

While members of your association will benefit from improved service, they likely won’t notice that your organization is part of Association Management Center. That’s because your association retains separate finances, membership databases, vendor contracts, educational programs, and promotional campaigns. Your direct phone line and e-mail accounts will be answered by professional staff that is knowledgeable about your organization. You will have an executive director and core team dedicated to serving your needs and advancing your mission.

Better Negotiating Position

By representing multiple clients, Association Management Center has a stronger negotiation position that is used to benefit your organization. This give you instant access to better hotel contracts, efficient mailing services, enhanced software functionality, the potential for lower print quotes, and more.

Reduced Infrastructure Costs

Rent, utilities, technology, and maintenance are among the overhead costs kept low because they are shared among many organizations.

Convenient and Affordable Meeting Space

Association Management Center can provide your organization with meeting facilities that give board members access to staff, files, affordable food and beverage options, and other intangible benefits you could not find at an offsite location.

Mission-Focused Executive Directors

Association Management Center’s specialized service teams handle functions such as facility management, information technology, meeting preparation, and human resources, which allows your executive director and staff to focus on achieving your association’s strategic mission and serving your members.

Lessons from Other Associations

Our seasoned executives and account staff share their experiences, successes, failures, and best practices to develop effective processes to achieve goals. Before making an important decision or implementing a change, your organization can learn whether similar actions benefited other associations under ӣƵ’s roof.

Risk Mitigation

Our executives can rely on in-house experts to mitigate risk. Experts within specialized teams assist your association and staff with everything from contract negotiation, financial services, human resources and benefits support, technology and systems security, plus much more.

Quality Employees

We recruit highly experienced association management professionals who value teamwork, a collaborative culture, and a commitment to their clients’ missions. In addition, to achieve success you need expert IT professionals, graphic designers, meeting planners, and more—but you don’t need them on the payroll full time and you don’t want to hire a freelancer who knows nothing about you. Association Management Center employs full-time experts in their fields to provide consistent service when you need it.

Efficient and Effective Staffing

As your association’s program scope changes, and your budget expands or contracts, personnel can  be added seamlessly to your team or absorbed into other organizations, minimizing unnecessary hiring or layoffs. This approach allows associations to utilize staffing in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

Better Calling Experiences

Call volume isn’t a pain point at Association Management Center. Your members’ calls are answered by dedicated member services representatives who are knowledgeable about your organization and can help members renew membership, register for a conference, buy products, reset their password, and more in one while core staff remain dedicated to the advancement of the association's goals.

We are a charter, accredited member of ӣƵ Institute, the trade association that represents the association management company industry.

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